The 2017 Spring Sea Run Opener Rules and Prize Categories

Tournament Rules

Prize Categories, Breadowns, and Rules

     The tournament begins May 1st at 12:01 AM and ends at midnight May 31st.   The prize for first landed sea run striped bass may be claimed at any point leading up to this date if the angler can provide photographic evidence of sea lice. Registration fee is $25 with all proceeds to benefit a Nantucket Island charity. Entrants may register to participate any time leading up to or during the course of the tournament but may not submit a catch until 24 hours after sign up. Registration can be completed under the registration tab, at our Facebook page, in person at Bill Fisher Tackle, Nantucket Tackle Center, or by mailing the $25 entry fee with your email and phone number  to "Spring Sea Run Opener - Box 3833 - Nantucket, MA. 02584".

     This is a catch and release striped bass tournament. Qualifying catches include any striped bass landed from beach or boat in Nantucket's inshore waters with any standard spinning or fly rod equipment.  All brackish ponds housing potential "holdovers" are off limits to this tournament as only migratory sea run stripers will be eligible.  


     To register a catch simply take a photo of the fish, and when possible a photo with the fish.  Next, submit the picture of your catch under the "Submit a Catch" tab.  A catch may also be submitted to the Facebook page by posting to the wall, or by email to with the time, date and length of the fish to the nearest half inch.  Measurement of the fish is only essential to signify that it is a "keeper" (28"+) or to qualify for the prizes of smallest of biggest fish of the tournament.


     To qualify for any of the prizes requiring the length of the fish (shortest bass, First Keeper 28" or greater, and largest Fish of the Tournament) a photo is required with a tape measure showing the overall length of the fish from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail at its' furthers point.  both the fish and the measuring device should be on as flat a surface as the situation allows.  The measuring device may lay above or below the fish.  Lengths will be judged to the nearest 1/2" and in the event of a tie the photo submission that is received first will take the prize.  The clarity and quality of the photo is the responsibility of the angler, but all reasonable submissions will be accepted.  Please note that the prizes for "first landed sea run striper" and "first keeper sized bass of 28 or greater'' are time sensitive, and it is the participants responsibility to submit their entry as quickly as he or she is able.  


If by the end of May 31st all prize categories are not filled, the tournament will continue until they have been.

     The Prize for the first landed sea run striped bass will be awarded to the angler with the first photo submission of the tournament.   This prize may be claimed by any registered participant prior to the tournament start date of May 1st.  The angler should note the presence of "sea lice" (pictured below) to verify that it was indeed a migratory striped bass.  The quality and clarity of the picture is the responsibility of the angler, but all reasonable photo submissions will be accpeted.

First Sea Run Striped Bass

First "Keeper" Bass

     The Prize for the first "keeper" bass will be awarded to the angler who first submits a photo clearly depicitng a bass with an overall length of 28" or greater.  The measurement should be taken from the tip of the tail to the snout of the fish (mouth closed) using a tape measure or similar device.  The fish and measuring device should both be on as flat of a surface as the situation allows.  The quality and clarity of the picture is the responsibility of the angler, but all reasonable photo submissions will be accpeted.  Below are two examples of acceptable submissions of fish measuring 31'' and 26''.

Shortest Bass

     The angler with the shortest bass of the tournament in overall length will be awarded to the Rich D'Auteuil Breakfast Bass Trophy (we joke!).  In the event of a tie in length, the submission that was received first will claim the prize.

Largest Bass of the Tournament

     The prize for the largest striped bass of the tournament will be awarded to the angler that submits a photo of the longest fish in overall length as measured from the tip of the tail to the snout of the fish (mouth closed).  In the event of a tie in overall length, the angler with the earliest submission will take the prize.

Grand Prize Drawing and Raffle Point System

     The winning charity will be selected from an approved list of Nantucket non-profit organizations by an eligible tournament participant who has registered at least one catch during the duration of the competition.  The Participant will be determined at random by a point weighted drawing at the conclusion of the tournament.  Points can be accumulated by each angler under the following criteria: 


1 Point: Any Striped Bass Under 28''

2 point: Any Keeper Bass 28" or greater

3 Points: First Landed Sea Run Striper

3 Points: First Keeper Bass 28'' or Greater

3 Points: Smallest Bass of the Tournament

4 Points: Largest Bass of Tournament

-1 Point: A Bluefish 

     An angler can collect points from each of the above a maximum of one time.  In example, a participant CANNOT earn 3 points by submitting 3 photos of striped bass under 28".  An angler CAN earn 3 points by submitting a bass under 28" (1 point) and a bass of 28" or greater (2 points).  


The drawing of the winner AND raffle prizes will take place at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the tournament.  *ONLY ANGLERS PRESENT WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE GRAND PRIZE CHARITY DRAWING*